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Life Sciences

Precise construction to support innovative research, manufacturing and distribution.

Life Sciences

What’s at stake

Demand for modern research and product development lab space is expanding, creating a highly competitive market for facilities that meet exacting standards. Stakeholders are under budget and timetable pressure to upgrade, expand, or build new facilities. Design-build partners know even the slightest deviation from precise engineering standards can impact safety, efficiency, research, and production quality down the line.

Our Focus

We’re involved from the earliest planning stages, working with customers and equipment manufacturers to ensure all requirements and demands for functionality, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance are met. We leverage 45+ years of design-build expertise and our trusted subcontractor relationships to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with an exceptional customer experience.


FCL’s rich history in Design Build projects brings a new perspective to Life Science construction by combining cost and time effective design with quality construction to meet the scrutinous requirements often found in these projects. FCL prides itself on being able to adapt quickly to an ever-changing landscape of technology and practices used inside these facilities to help create environments for scientists, researchers and patients to perform their best. FCL taps its experience in Good Manufacturing Practice facilities, FDA and DEA regulated facilities to help guide its clients to successful projects utilizing a core foundation of proven delivery methods that are tailored to the project and client’s needs.

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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Specialized Air systems that fully meet the stringent requirements for chemical and hazardous materials and maintain proper circulation to equalize temperatures throughout clean areas.

Structural Needs including higher live load capacity, floor loading, floor stiffness and vibration protection, particularly when using scopes or vibration-sensitive equipment.

Ductwork and Piping for tolerance to chemical exposure in labs and chemical storage areas.

Security/Vault for controlled substances or hazardous substances requiring conveyors or fire separations.

Fire Code and Barriers for hazardous storage spaces and defined areas based on allowable limits of hazardous material use and storage.

High Performance Envelopes for labs and clean rooms with a higher content of water vapor.

Advanced Life Safety Systems including fire, smoke.

Life Sciences: The FCL Edge

FCL Quality Control Program: Pre-construction project analysis with 5,000+ checked considerations, and 500+ onsite deliverables.

Precise estimates, prepared by dedicated estimators to maximize FCL’s purchasing efficiencies and identify long lead procurement items to ensure on-time delivery and accurate budgeting. 

Schedule Planning including integrated project milestones with subcontractors, owners, and end users.

Custom-built CMiC Project Management Software unique to FCL’s construction process to manage plans, drawings, logs, notes, communications and project accounting.

We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) studies and reports from architecture & engineering partners for conflict management and internal plan reviews.

We use Hammertech Safety software to analyze the results of safety inspections and incidents.

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The FCL Experience

Life Sciences Projects

Interior Tate & Lyle Science lab, workstations, double sinks at each workstation, beakers, employee performing a task in background, white room with tile floor.

Tate & Lyle

Sycamore, Illinois

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Midlothian, Texas

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