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“As a builder, involved from the initial idea through project completion – pre-construction, due diligence, design and construction – we deliver The FCL Experience at every turn.”

Carmen Dodaro, Lead Director and former CEO

Founded in 1976
Employee Owned and Operated


FCL Builders works with industrial and commercial customers from full service offices throughout the nation.


Warehouse & distribution centers, e-commerce, cold storage, food processing, data centers and manufacturing facilities.


We translate the most challenging projects and far-reaching goals into highly valued structures that perform at every level.

Our purpose: To move business forward, one building, and one relationship at a time.

FCL Builds Trust

Exceptional experiences and quality work, delivered on time and on budget to the highest safety standards.

The FCL Experience

World class service aligned with a 97% customer retention rate, industry-leading pre-construction services, superior building practices, and innovative land use strategies, including brownfield to greenfield remediation.

300+ in-house professionals

To date, we've completed more than 625 million sq. ft. of industrial space nationwide.

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As an employee-owned and operated company, we report to our customers and are fully invested in their success. We demonstrate this commitment by delivering the FCL Experience day in and day out. 

FCL fosters a respectful and caring workplace culture — built on trusted relationships with customers, team members, partners, suppliers, and communities.

We have maintained a 97% customer retention rate because we deliver on our promises and honor our commitments. Our work today earns the trust and respect of our customers for future work. Customer happiness and success is built into our work, because every person on the project is genuinely motivated to go above and beyond.

  • be safe.
  • be collaborative.
  • be accountable.
  • be positive.
  • be ethical.
  • be supportive.
  • be caring.
  • be empowering
  • be organized.
  • be resourceful.
  • be flexible.
  • be grounded.

What We Stand For

To achieve excellence and deliver value, we focus on the principles that build trust. They drive every decision and shape every facet of the FCL Experience for our customers.

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Built to grow, rooted in relationships

Every year, FCL delivers a wider variety of projects in even more locations from coast to coast.

Trusted and proven human connections remain the foundation of our business.

We average a 97% safety score and completed 1392 safety audits in 2023. All crew members take 10- and 30-hour OSHA safety trainings and any member can call a stop work order the moment a red flag is detected.

To date, FCL regional offices have delivered more than 625 million square feet of industrial space nationwide.

We employ some of the industry’s top experts in specialties like Cold Storage, Data Centers, and Industrial Land Remediation – local teams leverage their expertise to deliver accurate estimates, exacting specifications, and the highest quality work.

Our local project leaders are well versed in local and regional construction and compliance nuances and have trusted relationships with municipalities.

For more than 45 years, FCL has cemented trusted relationships with suppliers and subcontractors in every region.

We treat them with respect and pay them on time. Working together as one team, we’re fully vested in our customer’s success.

Our detailed pre construction work accounts for site nuances, soils, constructability, and construction industry variables.

FCL estimators work with local project managers to ensure initial budget and schedule estimates align closely to what we ultimately deliver.

Architectural drawing.

“Our specialized teams deliver projects safely, on time and on budget. We maintain a 97% customer retention rate because we consistently provide those fundamentals and build upon them with an exceptional working experience for our customers. The FCL Experience reflects our values and commitment to excellence, it moves beyond saying we care by proving it every day.”

Cory Singer Vice President of Business Development and Pre-Construction

Technical Illustration of CRCC facility.


Providing customers, subcontractors, vendors, and employees with an exceptional experience that reflects our values and our commitment.

Why we care, how we care, and why it matters.

We’ve achieved a long track record of success because we are built on a different level of commitment, caring and relationship building. We call it the FCL Experience

We believe our customers and trade partners deserve an experience far beyond the basic expectations set by our industry of quality, on time, on budget, and built safely. These fundamentals should not be the exception but the expectation in our industry. You can count on FCL to get the basics right and build so much more—trust, impact, and authentic, long-lasting relationships.

Foundational to the FCL Experience is demonstrating honesty, transparency, professionalism, an appetite for detail, and a genuine passion for your project because we care about what we do. 

At the core, we never lose sight that our customers are counting on us to help deliver on commitments made to their customers, investment committees, shareholders, management, and capital partners. 

At FCL, our promise is a building done right and an experience that is outstanding.

How we bring the FCL Experience to life:

• Being responsive and demonstrating a passion for quality

• Protecting the customer and project outcomes through the closest attention to detail from pre-construction through production

• Being driven to earn trust

• Truly caring about the project and our customer

• Providing transparent, timely and honest communication

• Anticipating, preventing, & solving small problems before they become significant ones


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Since 1976, FCL has delivered more than 625 million square feet of industrial spaces. We proudly maintain a 97% customer retention rate.

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Customer Retention Rate

FCL Technical drawing
The FCL Pathway - Your Success is Built-In

Dedicated teams. Integrated systems. Seamless services.


We begin every project by first understanding the things that matter most to our customer – their risks, concerns, goals, and success metrics. 

  • FCL leverages 50 years of local, regional and national experiences to ensure precon reports are rich in detail and accuracy.
  • We incorporate leading edge technology to run our sites safely and efficiently.
  • Long before we set a single shovel into the ground, we account for every foreseeable challenge and hurdle we’ll overcome to exceed every customer goal. 
  • Our detailed precon work accounts for site nuances, soils, constructability, and construction industry variables.

Subcontractors and Suppliers Partnerships

Experience matters because the quality and schedule of your project are at stake. When you choose FCL, you will benefit from the partnerships we have built with trade subcontractors and suppliers. 

  • Trusted relationships, built over decades.
  • Tried and tested through the ups and down of the industry, our subcontractor relationships are real and deep.
  • We make subcontractors our priority, so they make your project their priority by staying on schedule and delivering quality work.


We know that with every project, and every partner you trust to complete it, your reputation is on the line – promises to your customers, investors, board of directors, and your own team. We take full responsibility with our role to ensure you deliver on your word, while reducing stress and uncertainty at every turn with exceptional communication.

  • For decades we have built our culture around fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Any reputable builder can deliver a project to code – what sets FCL apart is the exceptional experience we deliver each step of the way.
  • No matter where we are in the process, we want customers to enjoy the experience of working with us – and we know this will be a big measurement in how you evaluate our work.
  • Our customers trust we’ll respect their investment with an exceptional experience – an on time, high quality, and safely built project, delivered with transparent communication, problem solving, and an enthusiastic team that cares about their reputation.
  • This is how we measure ourselves as well.