Interior Food Processing Facility, rows of industrial storage racks, countless pallets on the racks, extremely high ceilings.

Food Processing

Trusted to build USDA and FDA facilities to the highest standards.

Food Processing

What’s at stake

Shifting population centers, a surge in e-commerce and home delivery, and increased demand for foods that are convenient, affordable, fresh, and flavorful are impacting how foods are sourced, prepared, and distributed. FCL-built food processing facilities – new construction, expansions, and retrofits – help a wide variety of food manufacturers and distributors to meet changing demands while running operations safely, securely, efficiently, and profitability.


We partner with food processing customers and their equipment manufacturers to address the unique specifications and standards for the project as a whole, down to every last construction detail.

Compliance Expertise

We’re experts in USDA and FDA rules and regulations, food category specific regulations (such as AIB), and best practices, in addition to local and regional zoning and permitting requirements, to ensure projects are in full compliance with all applicable manufacturing and inspection procedures and standards.

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FCL ensures that the facility we deliver is built to meet all needs for processing equipment, lighting, electrical, plumbing, drains, scrub-in stations, safety stations, and ventilation equipment requirements.

Our facilities allow thorough cleaning and sterilization practices to prevent cross-contamination and infestations through the installation of interior drains, washable walls, and other sterile environment practices.

FCL teams ensure moisture and temperature-controlled assets properly store and maintain source ingredients on their way into production to minimize food waste and maximize flow.

FCL teams are experts in building multi-user food processing facilities, including the construction of individual user “condos” to separate food processing areas.

Food Processing: The FCL Edge

FCL Quality Control Program: Pre-construction project analysis with 5,000+ checked considerations, and 500+ onsite deliverables.

Precise estimates, prepared by dedicated estimators to maximize FCL’s purchasing efficiencies and identify long lead procurement items to ensure on-time delivery and accurate budgeting.

Schedule Planning including integrated project milestones with subcontractors, owners, and end users.

Custom-built CMiC Project Management Software unique to FCL’s construction process to manage plans, drawings, logs, notes, communications and project accounting.

We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) studies and reports from architecture & engineering partners for conflict management and internal plan reviews.

We use Hammertech Safety software to analyze the results of safety inspections and incidents.

Interior Food Processing Facility, employee break room/kitchen, dining tables, full bar.




The FCL Experience

Food Processing Projects


Specialty Bakery

Indianapolis, Indiana


Cloverhill Bakery

Cicero, Illinois


Kalle USA

Gurnee, Illinois

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