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FCL Builders:
Building Together.

Benefits and Opportunities with Employee Ownership

FCL is 100% Employee Owned.

FCL became an Employee Owned company in 2019, giving FCL employees ownership shares in the company. 

Employee ownership structure supports our customer-centric approach; it enables us to recruit and retain the best talent in the industry.

Employee ownership share acquisition and vesting complement the company’s comprehensive benefits package, which includes programs for learning and development, well-being, and work/life balance.

Employee ownership ensures employees succeed when the company succeeds.

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The value of ownership.

“Being a part of an employee owned company makes me feel like a true Owner, where every decision has an impact. I'm happy to have the opportunity.”

Kyle Holbrook Associate Vice President

“FCL offers a great opportunity to provide a secure future for myself and my family.”

Jay Mumm Vice President of Field Operations

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“We think like an owner, understanding that individual decisions affect the rest of the company.”

Larry Davis COO

“Everyone here has a team approach. "One for all" is critical to success of the whole organization.”

Jeff Dalton Vice President of Pre-Construction, Arizona

“It means everyone is pulling in the same direction and wanting to help each other succeed.”

Mark Tillotson Associate Vice President, Florida

“FCL being an employee owned company means the world to me. It’s my future. I am working towards a better retirement that I wouldn't get anywhere else.”

Chris Moore Associate Vice President of Project Development

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“The idea of all employees being linked together by a common goal and holding each other accountable is fantastic.”

Kelly Pettigrew Regional Vice President, Arizona

How FCL's employee ownership can work for you

Employee Ownership operates like a retirement plan, such as a 401(k), but with distinct advantages. Unlike a 401(k), you pay nothing for your shares in FCL. FCL Builders makes all the contributions, and employee shares are held in your retirement account. Your account balance is tied to the current share value of FCL Builders.

How do FCL employees enroll?

Every full time employee is automatically enrolled on the first day of the month following their hire date. Participants generally become fully vested in their shares after five years of full time employment and participation in the plan.

What happens to shares when employees leave or retire?

Should you leave the company for any reason, your vested account balance will be distributed in accordance to the plan documentation.

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