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FCL Pre-Construction Services

Local and national expertise built-in.


What’s at stake

We begin every project by first understanding the things that matter most to our customer – their risks, concerns, goals, and success metrics.

Our role

Long before we set a single shovel into the ground, we strive to account for every foreseeable challenge and hurdle we’ll need to overcome to exceed every customer goal.

FCL Advantages

FCL leverages half a century of local, regional and national experiences to ensure estimates and precon reports are rich in detail and accuracy. Our detailed precon work accounts for site nuances, soils, and constructability. This includes construction variables such as material escalations and availability, long lead time procurement efforts, and scheduling critical milestones.

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FCL Quality Control Program: Pre-construction project analysis with 5,000+ checked considerations, and 500+ onsite deliverables.

Precise estimates, prepared by dedicated estimators to maximize FCL’s purchasing efficiencies and identify long lead procurement items to ensure on-time delivery and accurate budgeting.

Schedule Planning including integrated project milestones with subcontractors, owners, and end users.

Custom-built CMiC Project Management Software unique to FCL’s construction process to manage plans, drawings, logs, notes, communications and project accounting.

We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) studies and reports from architecture & engineering partners for conflict management and internal plan reviews.

We use Hammertech Safety software to analyze the results of safety inspections and incidents.

Exterior Almond Avenue facility, contemporary blue wave design on glass exterior, photo taken at sunset.




The FCL Experience

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Exterior Almond Avenue facility, contemporary blue wave design on glass exterior, photo taken at sunset.

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