Interior Under Armour manufacturing facility, multiple floors, countless conveyor belts. red railings.


Modernizing the nation's logistics chain.


What’s at stake

E-commerce facilities are self-contained ecosystems built around the concept of flow. Circulation is essential to ensure product gets properly received, inventoried, stocked, rotated, picked, processed, packaged, and moved out. Every square inch must be maximized to ensure employees and machines (robotics, lifts, and vehicles) can easily gain access anywhere needed. Lighting, HVAC, interior design, conveyor systems, and bay locations must work in harmony to ensure safe, efficient, and productive working conditions.


FCL has been a leader in this space since the dawn of the e-commerce industry, leveraging 45+ years of expertise in warehouse and distribution center design and construction to deliver state of the art new facilities on time, on budget, and with an exceptional customer experience. In partnership with our customers, we ensure our speculative and built-to-suit new construction projects – plus retrofits and expansions – incorporate future-proof designs, and are flexible to grow with changing needs and demands.

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To date, FCL has built 16 e-commerce distribution facilities for Amazon Delivery, including TEB2 Blue Diamond, a large-scale 1 million sq. ft. warehouse and distribution non-sort facility.

FCL transformed a 3,100-acre brownfield site for sportswear giant Under Armour. The former home to the Bethlehem Steel foundry is now a state-of-the-art 1.3 million sq. ft. distribution center with four levels of material handling capabilities.

Beauty brand Sephora chose FCL to deliver a high-performance e-commerce and distribution facility in Olive Branch, Mississippi, centrally located near metropolitan Memphis.

E-Commerce: The FCL Edge

FCL Quality Control Program: Pre-construction project analysis with 5,000+ checked considerations, and 500+ onsite deliverables.

Precise estimates, prepared by dedicated estimators to maximize FCL’s purchasing efficiencies and identify long lead procurement items to ensure on-time delivery and accurate budgeting.

Schedule Planning including integrated project milestones with subcontractors, owners, and end users.

Custom-built CMiC Project Management Software unique to FCL’s construction process to manage plans, drawings, logs, notes, communications and project accounting.

We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) studies and reports from architecture & engineering partners for conflict management and internal plan reviews.

We use Hammertech Safety software to analyze the results of safety inspections and incidents.

Exterior Amazon Hub Facility, white and gray building with cyan trim, amazon signage at the top of the building, photo taken on a sunny day with clouds.




The FCL Experience

E-Commerce Projects


TEB2 Blue Diamond

New Castle, Delaware

under armour front entrance. large red facade with large under armour signage, parking lot in front.

Under Armour

Baltimore, Maryland



Olive Branch, Mississippi

Photo of FCL Customer Logos; Amazon, Procter and Gamble, Ashley Furniture, The Home Depot, ULINE, Caterpillar, Nestle, Kelloggs, Ford, G&E, Rockefeller group, Kimberly-Clark, Sysco, Walmart, BMW, InSite, Mars, Under Armour.


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