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“When planning a project, we’re leveraging our experience across the company to assess all the options and determine what solution will achieve the best results and deliver the best value.”

Kyle Holbrook


Kyle Holbrook

Associate Vice President

Kyle’s responsibilities include working with the sales team to assemble a comprehensive scope of work for the specific project, making necessary design assumptions to facilitate pricing, preparing in-house estimates using historical data, soliciting and reviewing subcontractor bids, and aiding in the preparation of the project proposal for the customer. He also is responsible for the design coordination of the project in conjunction with the end-user needs, contract management and contract issues with the client.

Kyle’s experience as an estimator and a project manager, provides customers with valuable experience in translating project requirements into detailed plans. He also works closely with the pre-construction and production teams to develop projects to their full potential.

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Prior to joining FCL, Kyle had a 10-year career in construction as an estimator and project engineer, successfully delivering over 10 million square feet of industrial projects for leading developers. Kyles joined FCL as a Senior Project Manager/Estimator and became an Associate Vice President in 2021.

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Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering