We care
and it shows…

We Care About you

FCL Builders invests a great deal of time to personally know and understand our customers. We realize the significant investment you are making in your facility, and we are humbled by the trust placed in us. This is where, at its core, we see ourselves as trusted advisors and professional service providers instead of yesterday’s builder.

we CARE ABOUT Quality in Your Project

Our team is proud of their work. We take personal ownership in delivering a building you are proud to call your own or proud to bring to market. Since 1976, we have cataloged the problems that can occur during construction and built quality control processes to ensure these problems don’t happen again. Our Quality Control Program consists of over 500 items that are personally checked by multiple people on every building, including an FCL Executive who is involved in every project we do.


We believe it is our responsibility to make sure everyone goes home safely. We know spouses and kids put faith in us to protect their loved ones. This is our moral responsibility.
We also believe it is our responsibility to manage and mitigate your risk. As a professional service provider, we manage a thorough process to ensure all contractors working on your site are appropriately insured and committed to safety.


As a leader in the design and construction of e-commerce, cold storage and process or manufacturing facilities, FCL continually invests in project management and design technologies. Our team is continually trained on these advancements as part of their ongoing education.


FCL employs genuinely good people who care about their work. In turn, FCL makes every effort to support them and their families and continually invests in their professional development.

As a result, FCL maintains some of the highest employee retention rates in our industry. This provides consistency and a better experience for our customers.

The FCL Experience is how we separate ourselves from others. The FCL Experience is the experience we give our customers because we are committed to service. The FCL Experience is a cultural, strategic, thoughtful and detailed program throughout FCL. It separates FCL from the competition by providing a professional and worry-free construction experience.

As a result of this company-wide commitment to the FCL Experience, FCL has earned and maintains a 97% customer retention rate.